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Amethyst Good Gemstones wholesale Ring- 925 Silver Purple Amethyst Ring – Amethyst Ring, 925 Silver, Purple, top jewelry, Gemstone rings, graduation gift, boho ring, great selling items, Ring top jewelry, Amethyst Good Gemstones, Ring gift for graduation **** However, the amethyst is more likely to turn up in spaces lining agate almonds and dr uses in igneo us rocks. What was presumed to be the largest-ever cavity was discovered in 1900 in Rio Grande do Sul. The almond measured ten by five by three metres (33 by 16 by 10 ft.) and weighed an estimated eight tonnes. The dark violet amethysts, some as large as a man’s fist, may have weighed some 700 cwt. altogether. There is a piece weighing 200 kilogrammes, taken from this Brazilian treasure, in the Washington M useum. In recent times, a find in the usA has been making headlines. In July 1993, a three-metre dr use was found in Maine, which contained well over 1000 kilogrammes of cuttable amethyst, some of it in crystals 19 cm in length.