Real Gemstones Faincy Faceted Garnet rings halloween gift


Garnet Real Gemstones jewellery Ring- Solid Silver Red Garnet Ring – Garnet Ring, Solid Silver, Red, jents jewelry, Gemstone ring, h usband gift, raw gemstone ring, most selling shops, Ring jents jewelry, Garnet Real Gemstones, Ring gift for wife **** Probably the best known green garnet is the tsavorite or tsavolite, which also belongs to the grossularite group. Tiffany’s in New York gave this name to the previo us emerald-green stone which was discovered in 1967 by a British geologist, Campbell R. Bridges, in the north-east of Tanzania – after the place where the discovery was made, near the Tsavo National Park with its wealth of game. The green of the tsavorite runs from vivid and light to deep and velvety and, like all garnets, it has particularly good brilliance.